Spring 2017


My last workshop of 2016 was an event I will never forget! Students present were passionate about Traditional Middle Eastern Dance and very knowledgeable about legendary dance artists who dedicated their lives to upholding and maintaining a standard for Middle Eastern Dance in America. Born into a Lebanese American family and being the niece and protege of Ibrahim Farrah, I am passionate about sharing my art, my experiences growing up where Middle Eastern dance and music were central to all family and community gatherings AND about the life of my dear uncle, a pioneer in bringing the art to the stage in America. My graduate and undergraduate studies in Dance Education and my many years experience in the business have given me the tools to challenge and inspire students, regardless of level, to excel as dancers, choreographers, instructors and scholars in many genres of dance.  I  find that students do not always show up to learn, but come to be entertained. This event, however gave me renewed faith that many students want more! This group exhibited a thirst for knowledge and so much enthusiasm for the “Farrah” AND “Salem” choreography. I cannot remember the last time I was so inspired! I am so grateful to Riskallah Riyad, a gifted instructor and dance artist in her own right,  for enthusiastically hosting me and for promoting the event as to the importance and value of the content. Participants gave so very much of themselves in the Friday Master Class the 2 Sunday Workshops. The icing on the cake was that my uncle’s life partner and protege, Phaedra, and Jajouka, also his protege, both of whom were long time dancers with the Ibrahim Farrah Near East Dance Group were there to support me. They are both artists I looked up to for many years and I credit them both with helping me develop as a dance artist. It was a wonderful reunion and great opportunity to meet new people who were incredibly kind and are so very dedicated to this art. Though I have decided to stop traveling this year, I hope to have an opportunity to teach a few workshops that involve “total education” (technique/choreography in the styles of my ancestors with academic components addressing culture and historical implications) closer to home in 2017.  I do want to thank all of those who hosted me this past year. (Valerick Molinary, Melanie LaJoie, Jennifer “Jemeena” Marino, Kweilin Nassar and of course Riskallah Riyad) Each workshop had it’s own special magic! So much for retirement!

Tarifa’s Group Classes at Anais Belly Dance Studio

Thursday 6 pm –  Adult/Teen Ballet/Lyrical 

Ballet Class Flyer Anais Belly Dance StudioClass Protocol: Students will Warm up and Stretch for 20 – 30 minutes with Classical Ballet Barre exercises which will be followed up with a Center Floor Basic Adagio and “Across the floor” steps and turns. Culminating activity will be a short Lyrical sequence utilizing  ballet vocabulary specific to which travel steps are taught  and what is introduced in the Adagio portion of class. Ballet slippers, soft sole jazz shoes or half sole modern dance shoes are recommended but not required.


Thursday 7 pm –  Adult Belly Dance Technique

Belly Dance Technique with Tarifa 2017Class Protocol: Students will begin class with a complete center floor warm-up which will include the drilling of isolation movements typical in traditional “Raks Sharki”, basic layering and beautiful travel sequences that will be repeated across the floor. Finger Cymbal (Sagat) drills will be included in every class so that students will become proficient in their ability to play them while dancing. Basic Veil work will also be included. Culminating activity for each class will be a short sequence applying the specific skills that were addressed in class. Students should come prepared with finger cymbals and a veil to every class.

Go to http://www.bellydancejax.com/ for information on class fees and multiple class cards for your savings.

Private & Semi-Private Study with Tarifa

  • Tarifa is available for Private and Semi-Private Study by appointment only at her private space located on the Westside of Jacksonville on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Fridays & Saturdays between the hours of 12 – 4 pm.   
  • Private Study at other local studios is possible depending on Tarifa’s availability. (Students are responsible for booking the space and covering the rental fee at the particular space.)  

Sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise specified. Fee will be adjusted accordingly.  After scheduling your class with Tarifa, you must confirm by sending the appropriate payment to https://www.paypal.me/tarifasalem. If you prefer to pay by cash, credit or check please email Tarifa for instructions. (see fees below)

      • Private Class – $60
      • 2 hr. Private – $105
      • Semi Private – $76 ($38 each)
      • 2 hr. Semi – $130 ($65 each)
      • June Farrah Factor Workshop – $77.75 before 6/15 or $88.00 after 6/15

*All Private and Semi-private classes must be booked and confirmed at least 2 weeks in advance. (No refunds.)

Get Fit in 2017 with T!


Tarifa is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer who works with clients (dancers and non-dancers alike) committed to reaching optimal health goals! Start 2017 off right and Schedule your training sessions TODAY! Tarifa schedules training sessions around her hours of availability on Mondays through Saturdays. All sessions run for 1 hour.  Tarifa trains at her private space on the Westside of Jacksonville unless client prefers to meet at one of her favorite outdoor locations. If you prefer outdoor training, it is preferable to schedule morning or evening sessions during summer hours. See Fees Below:

  • One session/week $35
  • Two sessions/week $60
  • 10 session card $250 (must be used within 3 months of purchase)
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