Virtual Classes and More

Virtual Classes via Skype:

True Beginner on Skype (2)Starting in January 2021, Tarifa will offer at least two 3-Week Mini-Sessions via Skype. The dates for the first session will be January, 14th, 21st and 28th from 6:30 – 8 pm. Each of the 3 classes will be run like as an Intensive. They are 90 minute classes and students who enroll should plan on being available for the entirety of the class. The video call will be initiated 5 minutes before the start of class to insure that all students are connected. Prospective students should connect with Tarifa on Skype before enrolling by going to her profile which is . Tarifa’s Skype name is live:tarifasalem. It helps to become familiar with the platform before the first night of class. Once registered, you will be added to the class chat group and will be included on each of the three scheduled calls. All supplemental materials (music, resource documents, etc.) will be available on the chat for your use.

The fee for the January Session (three 90-minute classes) is $35 non-refundable and should be sent via PayPal (friends & family) to If you prefer to mail a check please be sure to make it out to Donna Smith and make sure to send it out early enough to be received before the first class to the following address:

Donna Salem Smith
800 Betsy Dr.
Columbia, SC 29210

In Person Classes at the Lourie Center SC: 

NYC Jazz Moves & Grooves Ten Week Session starting Wednesday, Feb. 3rd from 9:45 – 10:45 am. All members welcome!

Cardio/Core ongoing fitness class held every Wednesday from 11 am – 12 pm. Full membership required to participate! (Go to for details on how to join.)

Yoga/Stretch ongoing fitness class held every Friday from 11 am – 12 pm. Full membership required to participate. (Go to for details on how to join.)

2020-12-20 (2)

Donna with Dumbell 1Cardio/Core Description: Students will warm-up with low impact rhythmic combinations that will prepare the body to work at a higher intensity where we will strive to reach between 65% & 85 %  of our target heart zone during various intervals. We will work the core muscles which are the stability muscles located between shoulders and hips (torso) using weights, resistance bands and exercise balls. We will also engage in known core exercises (like the plank) which do not require equipment but are extremely effective in developing strength, stability and proper alignment which in turn can prevent injury. Each class will end with a thorough cool-down which includes therapeutic stretching and meditative breathing.

7BA53F9B-D07D-4E0D-A3DF-BDB77C519D46Looking forward to this new class at the Lourie Center which starts January 15th. This class is a combination of modified yoga (suited for active seniors) and of a series of Tarifa’s (Donna’s) favorite dance and fitness stretches. This class will also incorporate some Graham Technique floor exercises which will help students increase strength and flexibility in the abdominal muscles,  back muscles (particularly those along the spinal column) and hips by employing classic “Graham Contractions”, “Spirals” and “Releases”. The Center will provide students with mats that have been sanitized before class. It is recommended that shoes be removed for this class so students should wear a pair of socks that don’t slip. Please bring water!

Masks are required at all times at the Lourie Center! Social Distancing guidelines will be adhered to in all classes. Thank you for complying!

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Fall 2020 Classes with Tarifa

118327089_3453684531332973_2181448121550268341_oGroup Classes:  Starting October 7, 2020, Tarifa will be offering in person classes once again at the Esmeralda Dance Studio in Columbia, SC located in the Boozer Shopping Center for Intermediate/Advanced Level students.  Due to our current situation with Covid-19, students will be required to sign up for each 4 week session (no drop in students). Numbers will be limited in order to maintain safe distance requirements. Masks will be required for all participants. We must continue to be vigilant in fighting this pandemic as we try to return to a new normal and the safety of our students is our number one concern. The fee for each 4 week session will be $50 to be paid at least one week before the start of each session. Classes will be 90 minutes long and include a warm-up, isolation exercises, center floor drills, travel steps and short combinations done within your personal space as well as a healing cool-down/stretch. Please bring your finger cymbals and a veil to all classes. For everyone’s safety, we must refrain from sharing personal items. I know it seems like a lot to remember but we can do this! I am so ready to get back to teaching in person and I know you are too! To sign up, please send session fee via PayPal to (friends & family, please). Shukran, ya helwas!!

91054746_3466254406725224_861724598838755328_oPrivate Study: I will continue to offer online private/semi-private classes (by appointment only) for those of you local students who are not yet comfortable with being out and about and also for my beautiful dance students from afar who reconnected with me through our spring and summer online group classes. The Online One Hour Private Class Fee on Skype is $50. Appointments are confirmed once payment is sent and cleared via PayPal. Send to (friends & family please). If you would like to purchase a package of 3 Private Classes, the fee for all three is $120 for a savings of $30. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Messenger, Email or if you have my personal phone number you can call or text. I look forward to working with you again virtually!

Cardio Core FlyerCardio/Core Fitness with Donna at the Lourie Center SC! We are back to our in person classes at the Lourie Center. These classes are for members only. If you are a member, please join me every Wednesday at 11 am for a dynamic workout that features low impact cardio work, exercises that focus on Core stregnth using weights, therabands and balls and an awesome cool down! Masks are required! Temperature checks are done as you enter the center and the room is set up so that students are 8 feet apart! It is such a joy to be teaching this class again!

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