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Fall 2019 Group Class Sessions

BN7A7211Group Classes at Esmeralda Dance Studio located in the Boozer Shopping Center, Columbia SC:

(Session Fee must be paid before the September 1st. Make check or money order out to DONNA SMITH and mail/deliver to 800 Betsy Dr. Columbia, SC 29210. You may also send via PAYPAL as FAMILY/FRIENDS to tarifasalem@gmail.com to avoid the service fee)


Group Classes located at the Lourie Center in Columbia, SC begin Wednesday, September 18th for Lourie Center Members only. Students age 50 and up are eligible for membership.

  • 8 week Traditional Middle Eastern Style Belly Dance: Wednesdays from 12 noon – 1 pm  from September 18 through November 6th.  All levels of membership at the Lourie Center are eligible to sign up for this class.
  • For more information about joining the Lourie Center, call 803 779-1971 or visit www.louriecentersc.com

Tarifa Profile Pic

Private Study with Tarifa by Appointment only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! Email tarifasalem@gmail.com to request an appointment or schedule on the Tarifa Salem Eastern Dance Arts Page on Facebook. 

    • Fee for Private Study is $55/hour or $100 for 2 hours plus Studio Rental Fee where applicable.
    • Fee for Semi-private Study is $70/hour or $120 for 2 hours plus Studio Rental Fee where applicable.

**For Tarifa’s upcoming Workshops and Events hosted by Tarifa Salem Eastern Dance Arts, go to http://tarifasalem.com/?page_id=2315

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Tarifa’s 8 Week Summer Sessions

16196022_1363322070369240_2289789281398227049_nSummer Session Classes with Tarifa will be held at Esmeralda Dance Studio located at 1583 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210 (in the Boozer Shopping Center)

  • Beginner Level Middle Eastern Dance Technique (Belly Dance)
  • Advanced Level Middle Eastern Dance Repertory

To register, please remit check or money order to Donna Smith before the first class either in person or you can mail to 800 Betsy Dr. Columbia SC 29210. To register via PayPal, please send the required fee (FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLEASE) to tarifasalem@gmail.com.

Private Study With Tarifa

All private dance sessions are taught at my own private space or a local public space provided by the student. Sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise specified. The Fee will be adjusted accordingly. After scheduling your private class with me, you must confirm by sending the appropriate payment via Paypal to tarifasalem@gmail.com. If you prefer to pay by cash, credit or check please email me at tarifasalem@gmail.com for details where to send payment. (see fees below)

  • 1 hr. Private Class – $55
  • 2 hr. Private – $100
  • Semi Private – $70 ($35 each)
  • 2 hr. Semi – $120 ($60 each)
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Spring 2019….. Raq with T

Making sense of it all in Columbia, SC

12644643_10153312105307681_6759290375806383810_nI have been blessed with a career as a dance professional which has allowed me to engage with some of the most fascinating human beings (and “not so human” beings) on my journey to refine my teaching skills, performance abilities and knowledge of the cultures I so passionately enjoy representing. Though I am winding down and trying to enjoy a more tranquil existence, I have found a few wonderful opportunities to share my art right here in Columbia, SC with a wide spectrum of students who, oddly, find my knowledge of value to enriching their own journeys in the dance arts. From first time students to those striving to become professional, from various genres of “Belly Dance”, I have found a comfortable little niche in which I can teach at the intensity I feel comfortable with knowing I don’t have to sacrifice my principles in what I believe a student needs to develop into their own best version of a “total dancer” and/or the artist they are striving to be.  The beautiful students who participated in “The Lebanese in Me” workshop held at the Blue Moon Ballroom on Feb. 17th gave me the spark I needed to move forward with plans to teach classes. Mind you, I don’t want to be too busy, as my time with my husband, cats and coonhounds takes precedence. That said, I cannot function without a little bit of dance in my life. Speaking of the “Lebanese in Me” I would like to thank Jim Williamson from the Blue Moon Ballroom for working with me to provide a beautiful venue for the intensive. Also, I am very grateful to Marc Herro at Pitas for opening his restaurant on thatHafla Performers at Pitas Sunday evening just for our Hafla, which was a blast!  The food was excellent and the service…. perfect. Shukran!! By the way, they have the best pistachio baklava I have ever tasted! Thanks also to the beautiful dancers (pictured from left to right – Jezibell Anat, Christine Brandt, Tarifa Salem, Evadne Medina, Wendellynn Ladapo, Dana Zumstein, Shannon Phillips, Marta Brown, Diane Holley and Lesley Minerd) who performed that night and to all who came out to share in our celebration. Finally, I want to thank my student Tatiana Rosser who helped me out with everything at the workshop and the Hafla. I could not have done this without her!

Below you will find details on upcoming classes and workshops/masterclasses in which I will be teaching this spring and summer.

Classes at Lourie Center located at 1650 Park Circle, Columbia, SC 29201

Belly Dance Technique with Tarifa 2017

  • Middle Eastern Dance Repertory Class (Intermediate/Advanced Levels)
          • April 4th through May 23rd 6:15 – 7:45 pm
          • Fee $85 for the session ($12 drop in fee)
          • Free for Members of Lourie Center
          • Advanced registration for non-members required by first class. (Drop in students or those who miss more than 1 class will NOT be eligible to perform choreography.)
        • Traditional Belly Dance 8 week session for Lourie Center Members Only (Beginner Level)
          •  May 1st through June 19th
          • 12 – 1 pm

Classes at Esmeralda Studio in the Boozer Shopping Center located at 1583 Broad River Road, Columbia 29210

Classes at Esmeralda

  • Beginner Level Traditional Belly Dance Drills and Skills
    • New Sessions begin first Tuesday of each month
    • 6 – 7 pm
    • Fee $40 for May Session ($12 drop in fee)
      • Please wear comfortable dance or fitness clothing that allows full-range movement but doesn’t conceal your movements. Fringe or coin hip scarves are a lovely accessory that you are more than welcome to wear.



*To register for any of these classes or workshops, make check or money order out to Donna Smith and mail to 800 Betsy Dr., Columbia, SC 29210  OR send via PayPal FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLEASE to tarifasalem@gmail.com. Credit cards are also accepted but there will be a small service fee added.

Upcoming Workshops in Columbia, SC

  • Assaya FlyerMay 19, 2019 Tarifa’s Raks al Assaya (Must bring cane)
    • 1 – 4 pm at the Esmeralda Dance Studio 1583 Broad River Rd. (in the Boozer Shopping Center) Columbia, SC 29210
    • Fee: $45 Advanced;  $50 Door
  • September Workshop Veil/Sufi Cancelled! (Tarifa will no longer sponsor her own workshops but will be available for other sponsors interested in hosting her in the SC/NC/Ga region.)


  • Tarifa Salem Eastern Dance Arts Long Sleeve T-shirts $20 plus shipping
  • Ibrahim Farrah Zar DVD $45 plus shipping
  • Ibrahim Farrah Rare Glimpses DVD $45 plus shipping


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Winter 2019 Learning Opportunities

Upcoming Workshop


On February 17, 2019 Tarifa will  present “The Lebanese in Me”,  a 4 hour Intensive Workshop that will include a short PowerPoint presentation followed by a 1 hour technique session and a 2 hour session featuring a Lebanese Style Choreography with a some creative departure. Tarifa’s dance style is inspired by traditional folkloric dances of her heritage yet her training in many western genres has had an affect on her choreography, staging and execution of traditional steps. Tarifa is pleased to be presenting this particular workshop with new choreography for the very first time in her new locale, Columbia, SC.  Participants will have an opportunity to perform a solo or group number after the workshop at our post workshop hafla/gathering at Pitas, a local Middle Eastern Restaurant known for it’s outstanding Lebanese and Greek Cuisine. Confirm your spot by registering TODAY! (Details below) 

Lebanese in Me Flyer

  • Workshop Fee $55 before Feb. 15, 2019. Make check or money order out to Donna Smith and mail to 800 Betsy Dr., Columbia, SC 29210  OR send via PayPal as friend or family please to tarifasalem@gmail.com.
  • Workshop Fee $60 after Feb. 15th. Payment at door accepted in cash only!
  • NO REFUNDS unless cancelled by host.
Event details are on Facebook at the following web address https://www.facebook.com/events/266989744163127/

8 Week Session at The Lourie Center February/March 2019


Private and Semi-Private Study with Tarifa

Generic Class flyer_01

cropped BN7A7256

*Tarifa is available by appointment only for private/semi-private study at her own space in Columbia, SC. Appointments must be made at least one week in advance. Send an email to her at tarifasalem@gmail.com to request an appointment.  Tarifa is dedicated to keeping the Middle East in Middle Eastern Dance in honor of her Lebanese heritage and to pay tribute to the ongoing legacy of her uncle/mentor Ibrahim Farrah who dedicated his life to maintaining a standard on representing his culture through instructing students throughout the world on this beautiful dance art. Tarifa performed with the Ibrahim Farrah Near East Dance Group from 1979 – 1982 and along with other company members, she is dedicated to those standards of excellence!

Tarifa Salem Eastern Dance Arts Page on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/tarifasalemeasterndance/
Tarifa on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TarifaSalem

Classes at the Blue Moon Ballroom


This ongoing class ran through Aug and September.  Thanks to all who attended! Your dedication is very much appreciated!  We are hoping to start another ongoing class later this spring if we see that there is enough interest so please stay tuned!! 


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Summer 2018 Newsletter


After the Spring: May marked a new chapter in my life as I made the decision to limit my activity in dance somewhat so that I can enjoy semi-retirement in my new home and be more available to my dear family (and fur babies) who have been there for me at every stage of my life….. at the best of times and at the very worst times.  Dance is part of my soul so will ALWAYS be in my life, but will now take a back seat as I attempt to reignite the fire in other passions I have sorely neglected these past several years.  That said, I will continue to teach Workshops & Master Classes in the traditional styles of my heritage and present my complete “Farrah Factor” for hosts who value the importance of maintaining traditional Middle Eastern Dance as well as those who wish to promote the legacy of Ibrahim Farrah, my beloved uncle and mentor. (Contracts must meet professional criteria and be booked at least 3 months in advance.) In the meantime, I will make myself available for private/semi-private study locally. Please email me at tarifasalem@gmail.com for more information on scheduling and determining a space.

31673010_10155208131401433_33446864544071680_nA Spring to Remember:  I am so very thankful to the special students who found the time and energy to study with me regularly this past spring. I am also very grateful for my two favorite Gina’s who hosted me to teach workshops! Gina Marie Newman included me as part of the faculty for the 2018 Annual Sweetheart Gala Connection to teach Zar to a fabulous group of participants. I so enjoyed performing Ibrahim Farrah’s choreography to “Ayeela Tayha” on Friday night with my lovely students Farasha (Cynthia Goldson Harris) and Siya (Hydee Vanderpoole). It was a pleasure to debut new choreography in Saturday the night Gala for an incredibly lively audience.  Gina Weatherman Nolan hosted me at the Third Annual Spring Raqs Pensacola where I taught part of one of my Oriental Choreographies utilizing veil and one of my “Raks Assaya” choreographies in which students were invited to perform it onstage with me for the finale! What a wonderful turnout and what an incredible time I had teaching and performing with these lovely dancers! SHUKRAN!!

31582484_10155724189719615_3601508125565255680_n Sweetheart Gala 2018 Group Photo31445022_10211951240005489_8311308432737042432_n

Photos: Top left Tarifa leads students in “Raks Assaya” at Spring Rags Pensacola; Top right Tarifa and students pose after the 2nd of 2 workshops; Bottom Tarifa poses with Sweetheart Gala students after teaching Zar workshop.
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Spring in Pensacola

Third Annual Spring Raqs Pensacola featuring Tarifa Salem will be on April 28th!

Pensacola 2018 Show Flyer


“Classical Oriental with Veil & Sagat”: 10AM – 12PM
This exciting little choreography which utilizes simple veil work and basic sagat patterns was choreographed specifically to showcase traditional movement sequences rich in “danse orientale” vocabulary, much of which has remained consistent over hundreds of years. Though the dance has evolved somewhat through modernization and acculturation, Oriental Dance has remained constant in its mystique and its ability to convey all the shades and tones of the eastern music into projections of theatricality. Whether performing on stage or in a nightclub the use of music that is representative of traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and instrumentation requires an understanding of that vocabulary so that one could easily modify choreography with improvisational sections or variations of the components of space, time and force. As always, Tarifa choreographs in the style of her mentor, Ibrahim Farrah as it is so ingrained in the depths of her being.

Workshop protocol is as follows: 

  • Center floor warm-up which will include isolations, undulations, soft arms, and fall/recovery exercises to warm up the spine. 
  • Short movement sequences and a mild stretch to prepare the body for more dynamic movements. 
  • Execution of travel steps which will include short segments of the choreography (with and without veil) Simple finger cymbal drills which will be used in the second part of the choreography
  • Putting it all together (choreography)

*Please bring a 7 to 8-foot-long veil and sagat (finger cymbals).

“Raks Assaya”: 1PM – 3PM
The “Raks al-Assaya” is truly an Egyptian Dance that researchers believe originated in what is known as the “Saiid” or “Upper Egypt” which is actually in the southern part of Egypt between Luxor and Aswan. “Assaya” signifies a stalk of bamboo which is used by Saiidi men in a combat dance called “Raks Tahteeb”, from where the “cane” dance supposedly originates. The cane/stick had multiple uses in ancient Middle Eastern cultures, for example it is known to have been used in a martial art type combat, to exhibit dexterity skills and physical prowess, a tool used in herding and agriculture and to symbolize fertility or to ward off evil. Many believe the cane dance originated with the shepherd inhabitants of Egypt. When the cane (stick) is taken up by the woman, it becomes an exhibition of feminism to delight and charm the onlooker, even as they humorously mimic their male counterparts or the herders flock who stubbornly responds to the prodding of the stick. Tarifa’s choreography was developed for the 2013 “Celebrating the Life and Work of Ibrahim Farrah”, therefore she made a conscious effort to include steps that she was exposed to as a protege of Mr. Farrah. It has been modified to be more dynamic on stage for groups and was debuted as a group number by her students at Anais Belly Dance Studio last December at their annual recital.

Workshop protocol is as follows:

  • complete warm-up including center floor barre, isolations and dynamic stretching which will prepare you to challenge yourself without risk of injury
  • Traditional steps and short sequences typical of Saiidi style
  • Technique on use of the cane including but not limited to grips, poses, framing while isolating head, shoulders or hips, twirling & floor slaps
  • Putting it all together (choreography)
  • Total Body Cool-Down with Eastern Reverence

*Please bring canes and a long head scarf which can be twisted and knotted on the top of the head.

Spring Raqs Pensacola Showcase 2018: 5PM – 7PM
Workshop participants invited to perform in the show. First come, first serve sign-up. 5-minute time limit for soloists; 7 minutes for troupes. Please email Gina at glwnolan@gmail.com if you are interested in performing. Light hors d’oeuvres, water, and soft drinks will be served during the break; nearby restaurants are also available.

Vendors welcome! Please email Gina at glwnolan@gmail.com for registration information.

REGULAR PRICING (4/1/2018 – 4/28/2018)
Full Package: $100. Includes both 2-hour workshop classes and one free Showcase ticket.
A La Carte: $75 for one 2-hour workshop class.

Preferred method of payment is via Paypal to: paypal.me/GinaNolan (either click or copy/paste the link into your browser).

*Cash or Credit ONLY will be accepted the day of the event!


*Tarifa Salem Eastern Dance Arts will be relocating out of Florida this May therefore she will be putting her teaching on hold for a couple months. Stay tuned for class offerings in our new location (TBA later) and upcoming workshops for the fall which will be publicized upon confirmation.

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Study with Tarifa Winter/Spring 2018

Join Tarifa in Pensacola on April 28, 2018!


Tarifa’s Classes in Jacksonville, Florida


Small Group Class Sessions held at Tarifa Salem Eastern Dance Arts Private Space have a limited capacity. Therefore, students must secure their spot by registering by each sessions’ deadline. See how to register below:

          • Make check or money order payable to Donna Smith and mail to 5820 Cedar Oaks Dr. Jacksonville, Fl. 32210
          • Send $45 via PayPal Friends & Family to tarifasalem@gmail.com   


For more information on class content, location or payment you can email Tarifa at tarifasalem@gmail.com or private message the Tarifa Salem Eastern Dance Arts page on Facebook. The small group class sessions being offered this spring are listed below.  Scroll further down for other upcoming events. 

  • Session I: (Closed) Tuesdays 6:30 – 8 pm on January 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th
    • Fee $45 (cash, check or via PayPal Friends & Family)
    • Registration Deadline Jan. 5, 2018
  • Session II: (Closed) Saturdays 10:30 am – 12 pm, Feb. 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th
  • Session III: (Closed) Saturdays 10:30 am – 12 pm, March 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
    • Fee $45 (cash, check or via PayPal Friend & Family)
    • Registration Deadline March 1, 2018
    • Drop-in Fee $13
  • Jazz Dance: (Closed) Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:30 pm, March 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
    • Fee $45 (cash, check or via PayPal Friends & Family)
    • Registration Deadline March 2, 2018
    • Drop-in Fee $13

Tarifa is available for private study by appointment only! (Fees Below)

  • One Hour Private $60
  • Two Hour Private $110
  • One Hour Semi-Private $76
  • Two Hour Semi-Private $130

Get Tarifa Fit:  


Tarifa is a seasoned Personal Trainer and enjoys working with clients to help them reach all of their fitness goals. She runs 45 minute sessions at her private space or at Boone Park in the Avondale section of Jacksonville. Contact Tarifa for a free assessment at tarifasalem@gmail.com. Fees for training are:

  • 1 Training session per week – $35
  • 2 Training sessions per week – $70
  • 3 Training sessions per week – $90

Tarifa’s 2018 Workshops/Events:

February 2018

Sweetheart Gala 2018Tarifa taught a two hour Workshop on February 23rd  in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida at the exciting Sweetheart Gala Annual Event. She presented a workshop on the “Zaar” which is an ancient dance of healing which was and still is practiced in Northeast Africa and various other parts of the middle East. The ritual, an old pagan tradition, was thought to have originated in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.  The folk that practice such rituals believe that the djinn has taken possession of the person who is deemed ill. The rhythmic movements aid the dancer in achieving transcendence that result in communing with the spirit which will eventually be convinced to leave this person chosen as its vessel.  This ritual has been re-enacted on stage by many dancers and companies. Students learned movements typically seen in the Zaar ritual which can be incorporated into staged routines without being inappropriate or offensive. Tarifa performed Ibrahim Farrah Choreography to Ayeela Tayha with two of her lovely students, Cynthia Goldson Harris and Hydee Vanderpoole at the Friday night Hafla. Tarifa also performed her new solo choreography incorporating “Zaar” and “Dervish” type moves at the Saturday night Gala Performance. It was a wonderful event! Congratulations to host, Gina Marie Newman for her incredible success!

April 2018

Save the Date, Spring Raqs Pensacola

Tarifa will be the featured instructor/artist on April 282018 at the Annual Spring Raqs Pensacola hosted by Gina Nolan. This event will include two 2 – hour workshops taught by Tarifa and a Gala Performance featuring Tarifa Salem, Gina Nolan and many workshop participants.  The first workshop will be an Oriental Veil/Sagat piece in which Tarifa will focus on strong execution of movement themes without sacrificing essence of the folk. The second 2 – hour workshop will be Tarifa’s widely popular Assaya choreography that was introduced in 2013 at the “Celebrating the Life and Work of Ibrahim Farrah” Workshop. For more details on how to register and how sign up to dance in the Showcase that evening, go to  https://www.facebook.com/events/297757590648344/

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Fall/Winter 2017

 Ah’lan wa Sah’lan!

Global Jax 2017Fall is in full swing and Tarifa is enjoying the season with all of her beautiful students at Anais Belly Dance Studio as they prepare for the December 17th Winter Concert which will feature her two new choreographies. Tarifa performed three of her traditional Middle Eastern Dance choreographies on November 4th with students Cynthia Goldson Harris, Catherine Clayton Smith, Chanel Callin and Katelyn Graw at the Global Jax Taste the World Event which was an incredible experience. Tarifa and her husband will be preparing to move this spring so she will not be continuing her regular large group classes after the holidays, however she has two exciting workshops coming up in the spring (flyers below) and she will be available for private & semi-private study. 

Class flyer 2017

Group Dance Classes: Join Tarifa every Thursday evening this fall for group dance classes at Anais Belly Dance Studio. Each class will learn a choreography to be performed this coming December. Adult Ballet/Lyrical students will be guided through a basic barre warm-up, simple adagio and traveling steps before working on segments of the class choreography. The 7 pm Middle Eastern Dance Class will execute a warm-up that includes isolation exercises, dynamic stretching, undulating movements of the arms and torso and basic finger cymbal drills before exploring common axial & locomotor sequences. Students will be required to work with veils and candles this term which will be employed in the mystical choreography Tarifa has prepared for this class. Go to www.bellydancejax.com or visit the studio at 6320 St. Augustine Rd!

Tarifa-Portfolio-Shot-2_AddColor3 Week Mini Sessions for 3: Gather 2 of your friends and sign up for 3 consecutive weeks of 80 minute dance sessions at Tarifa’s Private Space at an agreed upon time between the hours of 11 am an 8 pm and an agreed upon day which must be on a Tuesday, Friday or Sunday. The group fee is only $75 and you get to enjoy class with your best dance friends in Tarifa’s personalized environment where she is most comfortable! These sessions will only be offered from September through the end of November this fall season. Students will be expected to bring finger cymbals and veils to each class. Groups may choose which style of traditional Middle Eastern Dance choreography you would like to focus on. Email Tarifa at tarifasalem@gmail.com or you can call (561) 801-5783 and leave a detailed message stating your interest in scheduling a Mini Session and the best time for your call to be returned.

333Train with T: Tarifa maintains certification as a Personal Trainer so that she can work with clients to achieve their personal fitness goals in order to lead a better quality of life. Many dancers don’t have the time to cross train, therefore set themselves up for higher risk of injury or less than adequate level of cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength which affects the quality of their performances. She also enjoys working with senior clients and clients who are interested in lowering body fat content. Regardless of what your goals are, Tarifa will design a program that is safe and challenging, physiologically sound and motivating so that you can reach those goals. You can choose between 1 session/week ($35) or 2 sessions/week ($50) programs. You can also purchase a 6 session package for $125 which has an expiration date of 2 months from date of purchase.

Looking Ahead: Tarifa has two upcoming workshops this spring in! As always, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with dedicated students of the dance and is very honored to have been invited to teach at these fabulous events. To register, please follow the links on below!

Sweetheart Gala 2018

To register go to Sweetheartgalaconnection.com


For Registration information go to https://www.facebook.com/events/297757590648344/?active_tab=about

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Summer 2017 Tarifa Buzz

New Ad by Jess 20170406-tsad

Tarifa presently teaches all of her group Dance &  Fitness classes at Anais Belly Dance Studio at 6320 St. Augustine Rd in Jacksonville, Florida. To view the studio’s entire schedule and to sign up for Tarifa’s classes or the many other class offerings, please go to www.bellydancejax.com. Tarifa’s private/semi-private classes and personal training sessions are by appointment only. Those sessions are held at Tarifa’s private space or at Anais Belly Dance Studio before or after her group classes, for those registered there.

                                Class flyer 2017      Tarifa Fit Anais Belly Dance Studio Flyer

Upcoming Events:

Sweetheart Gala 2018Tarifa will be presenting a 2 hour “Zaar” workshop at the February 2018 Sweetheart Gala at the Holdiay Isle Oceanfront Resort in St. Augustine, Fl. This event is being hosted by Gina Marie Newman of Blue Lotus World Dance Company and Sweetheart Gala Connection. There will be many incredible instructors presenting workshops at this event. Sign up early for special discount rates. There will be a Friday night performance for participants and a Saturday night Gala featuring many of the featured artists and professional dancers participating in this event.  For more information on all event activities, go to http://www.sweetheartgalaconnection.com/


Tarifa will be the featured instructor/artist at The Third Annual Spring Raqs Pensacola Workshop & Show hosted by “Oriental Dance by Gina” on April 28th, 2018. She will teach a 2 Hour Classical Oriental Workshop with veil & sagat and a 2 Hour Assaya (cane) Workshop.  For more information, visit  https://www.facebook.com/events/297757590648344/?active_tab=about

Recent Past Events:


Tarifa RCR 2017 cropped 4

On June 25th, 2017 Anais Belly Dance Studio hosted Tarifa Salem in a SOLD OUT event to present “The Farrah Factor” Intensive for the last time in Florida. Content included a 3 hour intensive dance workshop featuring Ibrahim Farrah’s Choreography to Ayeela Tayha, the Farrah technique of playing Sagat (finger cymbals) AND a 2 hour PowerPoint presentation on the personal and professional life of Mr. Farrah from Tarifa’s perspective. Not only was Ibrahim Farrah Tarifa’s uncle, he was her professional mentor who continues to inspire her in all that she does in sharing his (and her) art. As a gifted Dance Artist and Editor of Arabesque Magazine, he contributed so very much to the history and development of Middle Eastern Dance in America. It was his passion to maintain a professional standard when representing the Middle Eastern and North African Cultures through Middle Eastern Dance.


This workshop was the first workshop to be held in the new Anais Belly Dance Studio and was promoted in conjunction with the Anaïs Belly Dance Studio Annual Hafla. Tarifa presented a poster of the Ibrahim Farrah Near East Dance Group 1981 Town Hall Performance in which she performed as a special gift to the new studio and in appreciation for the studio’s enthusiastic promotion of the ”Farrah Factor” Intensive. Some of our participants in this workshop performed at the Evening Hafla held at Layalina – Our Nights Restaurant in Mandarin. All participants who attended the hafla were invited to get up and dance with Tarifa in performing the Ibrahim Farrah “Ayeela Tayha” choreography taught at the workshop! Go to the link below to see the video.


19424249_1809341775749837_2607521324285917899_nTarifa and students after 3 hours of class!19511325_1809342042416477_8109543788942086671_n

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