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Making sense of it all in Columbia, SC

12644643_10153312105307681_6759290375806383810_nI have been blessed with a career as a dance professional which has allowed me to engage with some of the most fascinating human beings (and “not so human” beings) on my journey to refine my teaching skills, performance abilities and knowledge of the cultures I so passionately enjoy representing. Though I am winding down and trying to enjoy a more tranquil existence, I have found a few wonderful opportunities to share my art right here in Columbia, SC with a wide spectrum of students who, oddly, find my knowledge of value to enriching their own journeys in the dance arts. From first time students to those striving to become professional, from various genres of “Belly Dance”, I have found a comfortable little niche in which I can teach at the intensity I feel comfortable with knowing I don’t have to sacrifice my principles in what I believe a student needs to develop into their own best version of a “total dancer” and/or the artist they are striving to be.  The beautiful students who participated in “The Lebanese in Me” workshop held at the Blue Moon Ballroom on Feb. 17th gave me the spark I needed to move forward with plans to teach classes. Mind you, I don’t want to be too busy, as my time with my husband, cats and coonhounds takes precedence. That said, I cannot function without a little bit of dance in my life. Speaking of the “Lebanese in Me” I would like to thank Jim Williamson from the Blue Moon Ballroom for working with me to provide a beautiful venue for the intensive. Also, I am very grateful to Marc Herro at Pitas for opening his restaurant on thatHafla Performers at Pitas Sunday evening just for our Hafla, which was a blast!  The food was excellent and the service…. perfect. Shukran!! By the way, they have the best pistachio baklava I have ever tasted! Thanks also to the beautiful dancers (pictured from left to right – Jezibell Anat, Christine Brandt, Tarifa Salem, Evadne Medina, Wendellynn Ladapo, Dana Zumstein, Shannon Phillips, Marta Brown, Diane Holley and Lesley Minerd) who performed that night and to all who came out to share in our celebration. Finally, I want to thank my student Tatiana Rosser who helped me out with everything at the workshop and the Hafla. I could not have done this without her!

Below you will find details on upcoming classes and workshops/masterclasses in which I will be teaching this spring and summer.

Classes at Lourie Center located at 1650 Park Circle, Columbia, SC 29201

Belly Dance Technique with Tarifa 2017

  • Middle Eastern Dance Repertory Class (Intermediate/Advanced Levels)
          • April 4th through May 23rd 6:15 – 7:45 pm
          • Fee $85 for the session ($12 drop in fee)
          • Free for Members of Lourie Center
          • Advanced registration for non-members required by first class. (Drop in students or those who miss more than 1 class will NOT be eligible to perform choreography.)
        • Traditional Belly Dance 8 week session for Lourie Center Members Only (Beginner Level)
          •  May 1st through June 19th
          • 12 – 1 pm

Classes at Esmeralda Studio in the Boozer Shopping Center located at 1583 Broad River Road, Columbia 29210

Classes at Esmeralda

  • Beginner Level Traditional Belly Dance Drills and Skills
    • New Sessions begin first Tuesday of each month
    • 6 – 7 pm
    • Fee $40 for May Session ($12 drop in fee)
      • Please wear comfortable dance or fitness clothing that allows full-range movement but doesn’t conceal your movements. Fringe or coin hip scarves are a lovely accessory that you are more than welcome to wear.



*To register for any of these classes or workshops, make check or money order out to Donna Smith and mail to 800 Betsy Dr., Columbia, SC 29210  OR send via PayPal FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLEASE to tarifasalem@gmail.com. Credit cards are also accepted but there will be a small service fee added.

Upcoming Workshops in Columbia, SC

  • Assaya FlyerMay 19, 2019 Tarifa’s Raks al Assaya (Must bring cane)
    • 1 – 4 pm at the Esmeralda Dance Studio 1583 Broad River Rd. (in the Boozer Shopping Center) Columbia, SC 29210
    • Fee: $45 Advanced;  $50 Door
  • September Workshop Veil/Sufi Cancelled! (Tarifa will no longer sponsor her own workshops but will be available for other sponsors interested in hosting her in the SC/NC/Ga region.)


  • Tarifa Salem Eastern Dance Arts Long Sleeve T-shirts $20 plus shipping
  • Ibrahim Farrah Zar DVD $45 plus shipping
  • Ibrahim Farrah Rare Glimpses DVD $45 plus shipping


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