Fall/Winter 2016 Newsletter

Looking Ahead to Danbury!

Tarifa’s last workshop of 2016 is a much anticipated event and one that will enlighten and enrich those who are passionate about Middle Eastern Dance and the legendary dance artists who dedicated their lives to upholding and maintaining a standard for the Traditional Art of Middle Eastern Dance in America. Born into a Lebanese American family and being the niece and protege of Ibrahim Farrah, Tarifa is passionate about sharing her art and her experiences growing up where traditional Middle Eastern dance and music were central to all family and community gatherings. Her graduate and undergraduate studies in Dance Education as well as her many years experience in the business have given her the tools to challenge and inspire students, regardless of level, to excel as dancers, choreographers, instructors and scholars in many genres of dance. Don’t miss this opportunity.

14322505_10209179526156482_7049943530917450982_nJoin us in Danbury, Connecticut this first weekend in December. Register before Nov. 1st to get the Early Bird Special Fee by going to www.Riskallah.com/tarifasalem.html.

Group Classes at Anais Belly Dance Studio

Fall 2016 Middle Eastern Dance Classes

Tarifa’s classes at Anais Belly Dance Studio in Jacksonville, Florida have been very exciting. We are presently working on choreography to showcase in the studio’s December recital. Our 6 pm class will be showcasing Tarifa’s Lebanese Folkloric Choreography for the first time as a group number. The 7 pm class will perform the Assaya Choreography that Tarifa created for the 2013 “Celebrating the Life and Works of Ibrahim Farrah” Event in West Palm Beach. It has since been taught at many workshops “on the road” but this will be the first time she will have staged it as a group number. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming recital!

Thank You Pittsburgh!

14045756_1208896932478422_7697915013213945515_nTarifa’s “Raks Al Lebanon” Event hosted by Jennifer “Jemeena” Marino and Kweilin Nassar in Pittsburgh this past August was incredible. The Friday night Hafla at Istanbul Sofra was extremely well attended and showcased dancers, Neva Mikula, Carol Didier Morse and of course Tarifa Salem. The food was fabulous. The workshops included a sweet choreography by Tarifa with veil and finger cymbals to “Samra ya Samra”, her “Farrah Factor” PowerPoint Presentation and her Lebanese Folkloric Handkerchief Dance to Joseph Azar’s “Aaris al Zein”. Students worked incredibly hard and those who participated in all three workshops got a taste of what it means to be totally commited to one’s art. Tarifa’s Pittsburgh Students are the BEST!

Private Study with Tarifa

Tarifa & KatrinaTarifa is available for Private and Semi-Private Study at the TSEDA Home Space or at a local studio of your choice (to be booked and rented by student) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12:30 – 8:30 pm and on Sundays from 3 – 7 pm. Sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise specified. (Fee will be adjusted accordingly.)  Other spaces are usually rented by the hour.  After scheduling private or semi-private study, students must confirm the class by sending the appropriate payment to https://www.paypal.me/tarifasalem. (See fees below)

  • Private Class – $60
  • 2 hr. Private – $105
  • Semi Private – $74 ($37 each)
  • 2 hr. Semi – $128 ($64 each)
  • Local Workshops – $45

Since Tarifa’s availability is limited, classes must be booked and confirmed 2 weeks in advanced. (No refunds.)

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