2016 Classes and Workshops

Belly Dance Classes in Jacksonville, Fl.

Study the Traditional Art of Belly Dance with Lebanese American Middle Eastern Dance Artist, Tarifa Salem at TSEDA Space or at Anais Belly Dance Studio.  All classes include an intense warm-up, isolation work, traveling steps and dynamic movement sequences to add to your repertoire! Each class ends with a comprehensive cool down and total body stretch reducing the risk of muscle soreness while contributing to increased flexibility.

**New Fall Classes at Anais Belly Dance Studio Start on August 25th! Tarifa will be teaching 2 new classes at this beautiful studio on Thursday nights. The 6 pm class will focus on the traditional folkloric steps, gestures and sequences and will feature Tarifa’s new Folkloric Handkerchief Dance and if time an Ibrahim Farrah Choreography. The 7 pm class will focus on working with the cane and will feature two of Tarifa’s Assaya choreographies. Students with regular attendance in each of these classes will showcase the choreography at the December Recital so register TODAY at www.bellydancejax.com.

Classes at Anais Studio

002Small Group Mini Sessions at Tarifa Salem Eastern Dance Arts:  This is a class limited to 3 – 4 students and will be custom designed for groups who register. Students MUST register in advanced as a group since availability is limited. The fee is $35 for the 4 week session to be paid before the first class. This class will be held at the Tarifa Salem Eastern Dance Arts Space located at 5820 Cedar Oaks Dr. Jacksonville, Fl 32210. Payment information is listed below.  Please register by making payment as soon as Tarifa confirms her availability for your group. Each class will be 75 minutes. Techniques offered are Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary or Middle Eastern Dance.

Photo by Denise Marino 2-7-16

Private Study with Tarifa: Schedule your private class with Tarifa by appointment to be taught at her private space on the west side of Jacksonville, Fl. If you prefer to have your class scheduled at other local studios, it is your responsibility to book and cover the fee for space rental. Classes must be scheduled at least a week in advance and will only be confirmed through your payment via the Paypal.  There are no refunds! If you must cancel your payment will be applied to a class time agreed upon mutually. Always come to class with finger cymbals and veil. Bring a notebook so that you can take notes if need be. Private students are invited to watch a video after each class with a commentary by Tarifa to further their understanding of the Art of Near East Dance.

To confirm your Private or Semi-private Class or for enrollment in a 4 Week Group Sessions offered at Tarifa’s Private Space, send appropriate payment to https://www.paypal.me/tarifasalem. Studio Rental Fee at Anais Belly Dance Studio or any other space is the student’s responsibility. 

  • Private Class – $60
  • Semi Private Class – $74 ($37 each)
  • 4 Week Small Group Session – $35
  • Tarifa’s Local Workshops – $45

Tarifa’s Upcoming Events:


I am looking forward to my first workshop and master class in Danbury, Connecticut hosted by Riskallah Riyad this December where I will be presenting my Lebanese Folkloric choreography, the “Farrah Factor” PowerPoint presentation and an Ibrahim Farrah choreography. For more information go to http://www.riskallah.com/tarifasalem.html.

Information for Prospective Hosts: It is the hosts responsibility to promote Tarifa’s events with flyers, social media and newsletters as well as assure that prospective students are able to register conveniently. Hotel recommendations or other means of accommodating out of towners should be included in all advertisements. Tarifa agrees to help get this information out to her contacts as it is in everyone’s best interest to have a successful event!

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Did you know that Tarifa is a fitness class instructor and a personal Trainer at Temple Builders Jacksonville? Yes, she is and here is her current teaching schedule:

  • SilverSneakers:  Mondays and Fridays at 10:30 am
  • Gentle Yoga/Stretch: Mondays & Fridays at 8:30 am 
  • Cardio & Core 0n Mondays at 9:15 am
  • Dance Fit & Flexibility: Wednesdays at 9:15
  • Personal Training: Schedule your FREE Fitness Assessment Today
  • Join Tarifa’s Temple Builders “Lose to Cruise” team! (Fee is $75)

The listed fitness classes are free to members of the gym. Non-members may sign up at the desk and purchase a day pass to participate. To make an appointment for a Free Personal Training Assessment with Tarifa (Donna) at Temple Builders, please call (561) 801-5783. You do NOT need to be a member of the gym for Personal Training.  We offer training packages for your savings. “Lose to Cruise” starts in August so sign up today and join Tarifa’s team. You do not need to be a member of the gym!

2016 Workshops dedicated to Middle Eastern Dance Legend, Ibrahim Farrah 

Lebanese Love Affair II

I delivered the “Farrah Factor” Powerpoint presentation for the first time in Miami on Sunday February 7, 2016  at the Lebanese Love Affair II”. Content included opinions by family, colleagues and proteges on what they believe contributed to the notoriety of my uncle and mentor, Ibrahim Farrah. This presentation took place on the 18th anniversary of his passing. It was an honor to have participated at this lovely event hosted by Belly 2 Abs director Adriana Echeverri and Middle Eastern Dance Artist,Valerick Molinary.

IMG_8579 copy

Photo by Denise Marino

Lebanese Dance Artist, Sami Khoury taught four amazing workshops at this event. I performed my new Lebanese Folkloric number at the Sunday night gala in tribute to my uncle. Many other dance artists graced the stage, including Lebanese Simon, Majilyn Regueira, Katamaya, Jennifer Ordon and Arielle Tyson. Denise Marino’s Retrospective Expo was projected throughout the evening. Master of Ceremonies, Patricio was the “icing on the cake” with his comedic proclamations before (and after) each act! The entire cast joined Sami, Lebanese Simon and I onstage for an incredible dabke finale. Ibrahim Farrah’s spirit was present that night!  M’Bruk to hosts, Valerick Molinary and Adriana Echeverri for this most successful event!


A Magi Melanie hosted me in Orlando on February 27th to teach in honor of Ibrahim Farrah on what would have been his birthday. I taught my Folkloric Handkerchief choreography for the first time. I also shared a bit of my history and talked about my early exposure to the music and dances of the Middle East. We had a great turnout! Sukran Melanie La Joie!

June 2016

June 2016

I had the extreme pleasure of teaching an Instructors Clinic right here in Jacksonville and was so inspired by the enthusiasm and focus of all who attended. Maintaining a standard of excellence in dance education is something I am passionate about as was Ibrahim Farrah and through professional development, we raise the bar for our students and colleagues alike. Thanks to all who attended.


14045756_1208896932478422_7697915013213945515_nI enjoyed presenting ”The Farrah Factor” again in conjunction with my two Middle Eastern Dance Workshops in Pittsburgh where I was hosted by my beautiful cousin, Kweilin Nassar who continues to inspire many young dancers and beautiful dance artist, Jennifer Marino on August 20th.  I so enjoyed performing for a full house at the Hafla held at the incredible restaurant, Istanbul Sofra along with Neva Mikula from Virginia, who took numerous workshops with my uncle, Ibrahim Farrah and Mehira Hawaii, a gifted dancer and very popular instructor in the Pittsburgh area. Co-Host, Jennifer “Jemeena” Marino is quite involved in the Pittsburgh Belly Dance scene. For information on her current class offerings and upcoming performances, visit her website at http://www.jemeenabellydance.com/.

Contact Tarifa via email at tarifasalem@gmail.com or call or text (561) 801-5783 and leave a detailed message as to why you are contacting her. Solicitors will be blocked. 
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