A sampling of video’s featuring Tarifa and some of her students.

All choreography displayed in these video’s are the intellectual property of Tarifa Salem. Permission to use this choreography in performance will be granted in writing by Tarifa to students who participated in her classes or workshops in which the material was taught with the understanding that credit to Tarifa Salem as choreographer must be acknowledged.  The teaching of Tarifa’s choreography by anyone other than Tarifa is strictly prohibited and in violation of her exclusive rights to her intellectual property unless a contractual agreement is signed. 

 Tarifa is the featured Belly Dancer in a 1980 Video made for Stew Lane and the Untouchables, NYC
Tarifa teaches Assaya at “Celebrating the Life and Work of Ibrahim Farrah” Workshop in December, 2014 

Tarifa Salem, Sari Mustonen and Leine Oliveira Perform at Greek Festival March 2011

Tarifa performs Assaya number at Tribal Solstice 2014 

Tarifa performs at 2014 Northwood Independance Day Celebration, West Palm Beach, Fl. 

Tarifa performs Lebanese Folkloric Choreography at Lebanese Love Affair 2 in Miami, Fl February 2016

Tarifa Salem at Raks al Lebnan, Pittsburgh August 2016

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