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Mystical Veil Fusion

_K9A9474 (2)On February 8, 2020 Tarifa Salem will teach her contemporary Mystical Veil. It employs elements of Sufi dance, Zaar and Graham technique while using the veil as a prop in unique ways to emphasize the trance-like essence the dance conveys. This workshop is suited for advance level dancers that enjoy the challenges of floor work and whirling. This will be the first time this dance will have been taught in a workshop setting.

      • Where:  Esmeralda Dance Studio located at 1583 Broad River Road, Columbia SC 29210
      • Time: 1:30 – 4:00 pm
      • Fee: $50 in advanced/$60 at door

Past Workshops

Master Class with Tarifa Salem in Pittsburgh

I AM Jax Photo, Inc.  2017

I AM Jax Photo, Inc. 2017

On August 30, 2019 Tarifa Salem taught a choreography created by her late mentor/uncle Ibrahim Farrah, legendary Middle Eastern Dance Artist and Master Instructor. Jennifer Jemeena of Jemeena Belly Dance and Kweilin Nassar hosted Tarifa for the 3rd time for this Master Class.  It included an extensive warm up, travel combinations and sagat drills that prepared participants to learn the Ibrahim Farrah Choreography, Ayeela Tayha and to play finger cymbal patterns Tarifa uses in performance of this piece. Mr. Farrah created this “old school” Shaabi number in the mid-80s and it has been a favorite among his students and proteges world wide. It was a speci

al treat to be able to offer this class near the birthplace of Ibrahim Farrah where the passion for his art was nurtured. Facebook event page can be viewed at the following link.  https://www.facebook.com/events/2077959428997880/


Raks Assaya in Columbia, SC

Assaya FlyerTarifa taught her Raks Assaya 2 to an incredible group of students on May 19, 2019 for the first time in Columbia. She created this choreography in 2013 especially for the “Celebrating the Life and Work of Ibrahim Farrah” which she hosted with Phaedra and Samara. It has been taught in West Palm Beach, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Pensacola, Jacksonville and now in Columbia, SC. It is a short but sassy Saiidi number that has become a favorite among troupes who have participated in one of the many classes or workshops Tarifa taught it in.


It was so much to fun to teach it in what is now her home studio, Esmeralda Dance Studio owned by Harby Gonzalez in Columbia, SC where we had a wonderful Hafla to celebrate the dances of the Middle East after the workshop with Bipin Jain (BJs Bazaar), our favorite vendor. Tarifa as well as many of the beautiful participants from various parts of South Carolina and Georgia performed for all those who attended.

The Lebanese in Me


As a tribute to her heritage, Tarifa presented “The Lebanese in Me” workshop which consisted of a powerpoint presentation and a choreography she created in memory of her Grandmother Abla.

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