Summer 2018 Newsletter


After the Spring: May marked a new chapter in my life as I made the decision to limit my activity in dance somewhat so that I can enjoy semi-retirement in my new home and be more available to my dear family (and fur babies) who have been there for me at every stage of my life….. at the best of times and at the very worst times.  Dance is part of my soul so will ALWAYS be in my life, but will now take a back seat as I attempt to reignite the fire in other passions I have sorely neglected these past several years.  That said, I will continue to teach Workshops & Master Classes in the traditional styles of my heritage and present my complete “Farrah Factor” for hosts who value the importance of maintaining traditional Middle Eastern Dance as well as those who wish to promote the legacy of Ibrahim Farrah, my beloved uncle and mentor. (Contracts must meet professional criteria and be booked at least 3 months in advance.) In the meantime, I will make myself available for private/semi-private study locally. Please email me at for more information on scheduling and determining a space.

31673010_10155208131401433_33446864544071680_nA Spring to Remember:  I am so very thankful to the special students who found the time and energy to study with me regularly this past spring. I am also very grateful for my two favorite Gina’s who hosted me to teach workshops! Gina Marie Newman included me as part of the faculty for the 2018 Annual Sweetheart Gala Connection to teach Zar to a fabulous group of participants. I so enjoyed performing Ibrahim Farrah’s choreography to “Ayeela Tayha” on Friday night with my lovely students Farasha (Cynthia Goldson Harris) and Siya (Hydee Vanderpoole). It was a pleasure to debut new choreography in Saturday the night Gala for an incredibly lively audience.  Gina Weatherman Nolan hosted me at the Third Annual Spring Raqs Pensacola where I taught part of one of my Oriental Choreographies utilizing veil and one of my “Raks Assaya” choreographies in which students were invited to perform it onstage with me for the finale! What a wonderful turnout and what an incredible time I had teaching and performing with these lovely dancers! SHUKRAN!!

31582484_10155724189719615_3601508125565255680_n Sweetheart Gala 2018 Group Photo31445022_10211951240005489_8311308432737042432_n

Photos: Top left Tarifa leads students in “Raks Assaya” at Spring Rags Pensacola; Top right Tarifa and students pose after the 2nd of 2 workshops; Bottom Tarifa poses with Sweetheart Gala students after teaching Zar workshop.
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